About Me

I’ve had a passion for photography ever since my dad bought my brother and I our first digital camera in the late 90’s. It only held 8 low-res images at a time but that was enough to make us feel like bonafide National Geographic photographers, exploring and documenting the wildlife behind our house in Southern Maryland. Later on we discovered the magic of Photoshop and spent our summers recreating scenes from Star Wars using broomsticks as props for lightsabers. Not much has changed since then. I still have a passion for exploring and documenting reality, but also for bending that reality to create surreal digital art. I’m a big proponent of small budget projects that force you to get creative with the world around you, and love making photography more accessible through tutorials and workshops


My photographs have been featured by publications around the world, including National Geographic, London University of Creative Arts, several European newspapers, and as album artwork for various music artists. All of the photos on my site are available for print or licensing so please send me a message if you see something you like.