The world went a little crazy this past Spring. Within the span of a few weeks we went from openly joking about Coronavirus and toilet paper shortages, to serious nationwide lockdowns, closed borders, and mandatory quarantines. The only silver lining in the early days of the pandemic was that short term flat rentals were practically free. I weighed my options and decided to stay put in central London over the summer to wait out the worst of it.  

I hunkered down in the West End behind the big screen in Picadilly Circus and for the most part just grew a beard and wore the same pajamas every day. It wasn’t the most exciting time but it was a great opportunity to capture some incredibly surreal shots of the city in lockdown. It was like wandering around in a zombie apocalypse, seeing some of the most popular hotspots like Regent Street, China Town, and the London Eye completely devoid of the usual excitement and tourist activity.   

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